Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Vos Otros

I just spent the last hour reading about vos, usted, vosotros, and other things relating to second person in Spanish. This filled in the gap for me on why other languages like French use "vous". Apparently there's a lot of variance throughout Central/S. America on where vos replaces tú, and how vos is conjugated. For simplicity's sake, I like the forms that conjugate it the same as vosotros. Usted is apparently a merged form of "vuestra merced", while vosotros is (obviously) a merged form of "vos otros".

I've spent a fair bit of time over the last 2 weeks in Gates, and I am not at all impressed - the building is ugly from the outside and badly designed on the inside. The bridges to it are far too narrow, many of the corridors and stairs inside of it are as well. Budget problems account for some of this, stupidity and fighting over what should be built the rest. There will be more space, true, and some of it will be pretty nice, but the building is not near what it should be.

I've been using Amarok, a KDE-based graphical audio player, in order to allow me to easily rate my music collection (my normal way of playing music, a lightly sophisticated commandline program I wrote, is never going to be usable for that). Unfortunately, it's proven to be like pulling teeth to try to get those ratings back out because in Amarok 2.x they switched to using Mysql-embedded (which is not managed by the main MySQL on a system) and they eliminated a lot of external functionality in the dcop/dbus interfaces (1.x had a number of powerful interfaces, including SQL).

It's apparently not terribly hard to start up another mysqld and point it at the mysql-embedded directory, but I am wary of that as a general solution because I suspect if Amarok is running, the embedded and proper mysqlds might corrupt the data, even if the proper mysqld is not explicitly told to do any database writes.

I finished reading Tim Scott's 「Love in the Time of Fridges」 - it feels like the author watched Terry Gilliam's 「Brazil」 and replaced the dark humour with absurdist and light humour and added a lightly cyberpunk tone. It was still enjoyable, although I doubt I'll ever reread it.


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