Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cat Gifts

Bought 2 gifts for my cats:

  • Scratchpost
  • New UFO-like litterbox that needs to be plugged in and promises to purge cat smells from my apartment.
Cats recognise gift #1, but recognise the twist-ties in the packaging for #2 as their second gift.

Spotted a girl I almost got to know a year or so ago as an acquaintence today at a coffeeshop wearing really kinky pants. Life is strange.

Another empty weekend, attempting to fill it with work on philosophy, sketching.Doing my best not to think about spiral of depressive issues. Doing my best not to talk about spiral of depressive issues. Failing both a bit.

Indian instant meals, when poured from the envelope, remind me a lot of the meal in Terry Gilliam's Brazil - the nice picture of something tasty on the front combined with the goo on the plate.

There are now a few good covers of Coulton's 「Still Alive」 floating around on youtube. I have been hoping to see similarly good covers of the music from 「Dr Horrible's...」, but none have turned up.


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