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From Qom, With Love

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a theologan and former Vice President of Iran (under Mohammad Khatami) was arrested on the 16th of June during the Iranian election mess. He has remained in prison in Tehran along with others since those events, with their legitimacy impugned with forced and inauthentic confessions of treason and conspiracy.

Saturday: Saw Big Man Japan. It was rather good (I did not like the ending). Although.. films about social isolation tend to leave me with an odd feeling inside.

Spending a fair amount of time in gates, I swung by my new office on Friday. Victory for migraines-and-depression-problemed me: I'll be alone in there. It is a very oddly shaped office (most rooms in Gates are - the building is a major screw-up in most areas, so its name is pretty appropriate), and while it's true that all offices have a window, mine overlooks the inner stairwell of the 9th floor of Gates. It is conveniently located, which is nice (I am near my bosses, the machine room, and the lab, and not terribly far from the floor's social centre). As imperfect as Gates is, it's mostly better than Wean (both of them are terribly ugly buildings, but in different ways). There is a kind of Soviet charm to Wean that I'll miss. With any luck one way or another I'll figure out what's next and won't be in Gates for too long. My personal life as it is is generally terrible, and any shifts on that will probably affect everything else.

Té Café has an excellent set of looseleaf teas, to the extent that I haven't been to Margaret's for quite some time. The Crazy Goat that opened where Pinati used to be: okay. They give a slight "sorry!" to the community by having kosher foods there, but their tea is less good than Té Café and their food so far is mostly dessert.

I wonder why we have so many different standards for video cables. I recently had to order a DVI-to-DFP cable for a monitor that I rescued, and if the monitor does not work, it'll join my large pile of converters.. VGA, CGA, DVI, HDMI, 13W3, component-BNC, ADC, DisplayPort.. Some of this can be explained by video capacities changing a lot over the years, I guess. In an ideal world, we would've had a much simpler progression - CGA-VGA-DVI, with none of the others having been created (DVI has a lot of variants, most of them probably unnecessary). I am still amused at USB Monitors.

It's a bit weird living beneath popular people I kindasorta know - I woke up to hearing a large mob of people leaving my place yesterday morning, and occasionally random other people I kindasorta know notice I live there.

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the DVI variants I think have been due to form factor/card changes. I know there's regular DVI and then micro-DVI and mini-DVI, all of which have been used in the past by Apple. I think micro was only ever on Macbook Airs, but I'm not 100% sure about that
I was more thinking about the DVI variants that carry audio or USB.
Don't forget the ones that also carry analog video. Or a second digital video signal.
My blog software automatically posts anything I post to it to LJ unless I mark an entry as private on POUND (in which case you couldn't read it because you don't have an account there). Some time back I blocked LJ from reading the RSS and Atom feeds (when I finished writing the LJ posting feature), but they must've changed the IPs they're doing that from because it looks like it's current again.

I will be in Gates 9114 starting on the 5th. I imagine you're moving a few days earlier - where are you? If you haven't seen your office yet I'd suggest you come with me on errands to run over there so you can get a peek at your office, but it looks like you're at home right now.
Tomorrow anytime after 16:00 (ideally after 16:30) will work. We should not have a huge group - bringing one other person would be ok, but more than that would probably not be the best idea (it's a light-grey untested area as to whether the building is generally open yet, and while I have been in there plenty of times and have a good reason to be so (and can plausibly claim a small number of people to be "with me" for my purposes), I neither want to disturb the workers nor invite questions (nobody's stopped me yet and I've been in there over 10 times).

I would be very surprised at this point if your move date is on the 5th - there was a department-wide mail (or at least so I thought) announcing that a delay of at least a week was likely and that they'd be sending out a new schedule today or tomorrow.
I'll be kindasorta living above you starting September 15th and lasting until I find a job and my own place. I hope this means I'll get to see you more often :)