Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bab-el and Bab-ella

Last night: dream of meeting someone who argued that before Bab-El, humanity was not gendered, and that modern sexual dimorphism, particularly in the brain and the stupidities in both genders as typified by their usual roles, were the way Hashem kept them from climbing so high again. They argued that the big problem of political philosophy is that no actual political philosopher is neither male nor female, and thus without serious reworking of themselves to correct for the problems of gender tendencies and serious experience with whatever gender they are not, their solution will be inadequate for all of humanity.

I don't think I've ever met someone IRL with that perspective, and it certainly falls outside my perspective. I suspect I'd have a long argument or discussion with anyone who actually had that position, and yet I can only assume that it is my synthesis. Dreams are odd that way.

More pictures from the Gates centre:

Low quality is fault of my phone...
(my office)
(ditto, view out the window)
(another office pic)
(hall outside my office)
(new NSH inner bridge to gates bridge)

The gates move is being delayed because it's not done yet (not a surprise). This is the same move that I've been spending a *lot* of time herding people and planning for, spending my scarce time when I am not too depressed to do anything productive. Frustration! If buildings were cars, we'd want to return this one under lemon laws. It might eventually become lovably flawed rather than lousy though.

As ugly as Wean hall is, it's very functional and reasonably comfortable, the corridors are nice and wide, the rooms make sense (square, no bizarre support columns running through them), and it has easy access to the rest of campus. It's no Baker-Porter (which is a very attractive and nice building), but it's likable.


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