Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


I just finished watching the Hogfather TV special. It was actually pretty good, in a kind of BBC-low-budget way, except with a budget fairy *jingle jingle* providing a bit of a budget to a few things. It's charming, in that it feels very un-hollywood. Some thoughts:

  • There was a hilarious joke based on the Intel Inside logo that I did not expect.
  • Death of Rats was very well done. It's a pity it didn't have more of a role.
  • Death was only moderately well done -- at the very least it wasn't much like I expected.
  • Susan was well-cast
  • Albert was not at all well-cast
  • Mr Teatime's voice was almost identical to Johnny Depp in the Willy Wonka remake. The rest of him was pretty creepy too.
  • The wizards were pretty close to right in some ways, but there were not enough of them and Ridcully was completely miscast.
  • The sets and scenery were well-done given the budget - some parts used Dr Who style tricks to make sets seem bigger, but that's charming in the way that theatre is - the audience and directors have an unspoken agreement to ignore some tricky elements
  • It was fairly faithful to the book. Perhaps a bit too much so - some elements were probably unclear to people who had not read the book.
  • Some scene transitions were kind of awkward
  • Death's speech is beautifully preserved. I suspect this would make a lot of Americans uncomfortable :)
Overall, it was pretty well done, and definitely worth watching.

Added bonus: Beefalo cuddled with me for the whole thing.

Recent random thought - I both spend far too much time alone and get far too many headaches. It would be nice if either of these were to change.


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