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Anatman vs Megaman

There's a certain neighbourhood character who's an old man who I've known for a few years - occasionally we've gotten into long conversations, which are really more of my listening to him talk. I generally don't think I owe any constraint of my behaviour or "obey them" type deference to old folk, but I also generally am willing to have long "just listening and nodding" conversations with them, particularly if they're old and just want to talk - there's a certain desperation for someone to talk to that I recognise in myself that's there in full force in them, and while their ideas often are a bit odd (or more than a bit), their memories are often treasures worth sitting through the rest to hear. I'm not this way with all old folk - people who seem to be entirely there and are still sharp (there are a few of those in the neighbourhood) I'm willing to express myself a bit towards and want at least 20% time talking. Today's conversation with M was a healthy mix of interesting things, incomprehensible things, and times where I was a polite deer caught in the headlights.

It doesn't really defrazzle my undersocialisation-stricken nerves much because it's so much unlike normal interaction, but it's still valuable in some sense - it's more raw content to chew on. As always, it was a bit awkward, partly because some of his beliefs are pretty odd (the end times are near, religious thoughts), and he spat a bit on atheism - I don't wear my identities on my sleeve so much and in situations like these I often don't mention them (which has occasionally led to confusion when talking with members of the local shomer shabbat part of the Jewish community - there are two local rabbis who mistook my knowledge of some terms and such, in different situations, to mean that I identify as jewish). I suppose maybe it would be simpler for people to have some marker of their worldview visible to the world (or explicitly expressed when they met people).

As kooky as some of the things M believes are and how easily it is to be trapped into a long conversation with him, he's a likable old dude.

On another topic, I came across a nice security package called 「DenyHosts」 that I am rather enthused about.

There's a cute girl at the Te Café that looks a lot like Lizza. That's kinda strange.