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Stephen's Train

Thanks to Hertz, I have temporary wheels, and so I will be in Columbus and then Kentucky and then Columbus again starting later this evening and ending sometime on Sunday. This will be my first vacation since I took my current job (and my only non-migraine-related PTO usage).

Unfortunately, Outland is not open (so no goth-industrial components to the trip), although I might instead make it to gallery hop.

Maybe I'm living in the past in the sense that visiting another city is the best shot I have at having an enjoyable weekend, even long after most people I know have left town, but that thought should not spoil it.Places to visit:

  • Town Addiction - I used to have weekly philosophy gatherings there. That was awesome - we may not have ever focused on a particular philosopher or any readings, but we generally picked a topic and talked in depth about our ideas and other ideas we'd like to toss out there. They had good patries too.
  • Indian Oven - Amazing Indian Restaurant
  • Micro Centre - A real computer store, much better than CompUSA.
  • Can't-remember-the-name-duck-pond
  • Park of Roses
  • Bento go-go - Beloved 24-hour teashop Insomnia used to be there, but the replacement, a nice place to grab (and possibly eat) Bento is handy
  • Victoria's Midnight Cafe - When there's no local poetry ruining the experience, it's a grand place to hang out
  • Shaare Punjab - different kind of Indian food
  • Places I used to live - maybe
  • That fantastic salad place which has a name I don't recall
  • Macaroni Grill - maybe if there's nothing else to do

I hope the SSA Conference is not terribly boring. I regret not heading there on a weekday so I could hang out on the Oval and see if any of the old preachers I used to debate are still there (I hear they have new ones). I'd particularly like to say hi to Brother Tom and Brother Jed.


  • As part of a project at work, I had to learn the Google Maps js API. It's a bit clumsy for what I'm doing, but it's still kinda neat.
  • Ordered a new digital camera (Powershot G10) to replace my old one (Powershot G1).
I am not sure if there's a good way to play music for the duration of the car trip (about 3 hours)- as my Neuros died a few years ago and my laptop lacks the battery, this may be a very dull car trip. I suppose I could bring my Windows laptop, my OLPC, and my regular laptop, and switch them off whenever one loses the last bit of power, but that'd be a lot of trouble and I'd probably have to stop. I am mildly tempted to pick up a new cheap portable music player, although finding one with ogg support might be tricky.


Why not power a laptop from an AC inverter?


I'm not sure if there's still an Indian Oven north of OSU, but there is still one east of Downtown, on E Main just east of Grant (and Franklin University).

Victorian's Midnight Cafe is under new management and has been redone a bit. I think the sign now says Vic's. When I was there last they were still finalizing the menu (which didn't quite match what they had available yet).

I'm not familiar with Shaare Punjab; where is it?

(Oh, and despite your spelling predilections, Micro Center spells their name the American way. :-)

Re: Food

Turns out I didn't remember the spelling right on the restaurant either. It's Sher-e-punjab, and it's on Kenny in the mall area (kind of hard to spot even when you're right in front of it). They have pretty good Punjabi food.

I like the old Vics, but I also like the new one - they're a bit different - less tea selection, less intimacy, but broader food selection and much more reliable internet.

Oops on Micro Center :)

Yeah, India Garden moved a few years ago. It's the same place with the same owner though.
Go spend $50 on an MP3 player.
I was looking into that when I was getting ready to go, but I didn't figure out what player I wanted in time. I'm still not sure which one has the best video and the most storage and is fully supported. Their chart is nice, but it has all these caveats like "we don't have the video figured out yet". It's a really neat project though.
Sometimes I just burn CDs for my Chicago-Pittsburgh trips because thinking of playlists in advance is easier than queuing them up as I go.
Town Addiction has been gone for years. It's a pity.
Vic's was bought and redone somewhat. I miss the couches in the corner, but am OK with most things about it.
Bento, fortunately, is still there.
Is the duck pond Schiller Park? That's right by my house.
Is the salad place Cornerstone?
Oh, that was indeed the salad place! I *really* liked that place.

The duck pond is the one near Micro Center where one has to walk under the highway to get there.