Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stephen's Train

Thanks to Hertz, I have temporary wheels, and so I will be in Columbus and then Kentucky and then Columbus again starting later this evening and ending sometime on Sunday. This will be my first vacation since I took my current job (and my only non-migraine-related PTO usage).

Unfortunately, Outland is not open (so no goth-industrial components to the trip), although I might instead make it to gallery hop.

Maybe I'm living in the past in the sense that visiting another city is the best shot I have at having an enjoyable weekend, even long after most people I know have left town, but that thought should not spoil it.Places to visit:

  • Town Addiction - I used to have weekly philosophy gatherings there. That was awesome - we may not have ever focused on a particular philosopher or any readings, but we generally picked a topic and talked in depth about our ideas and other ideas we'd like to toss out there. They had good patries too.
  • Indian Oven - Amazing Indian Restaurant
  • Micro Centre - A real computer store, much better than CompUSA.
  • Can't-remember-the-name-duck-pond
  • Park of Roses
  • Bento go-go - Beloved 24-hour teashop Insomnia used to be there, but the replacement, a nice place to grab (and possibly eat) Bento is handy
  • Victoria's Midnight Cafe - When there's no local poetry ruining the experience, it's a grand place to hang out
  • Shaare Punjab - different kind of Indian food
  • Places I used to live - maybe
  • That fantastic salad place which has a name I don't recall
  • Macaroni Grill - maybe if there's nothing else to do

I hope the SSA Conference is not terribly boring. I regret not heading there on a weekday so I could hang out on the Oval and see if any of the old preachers I used to debate are still there (I hear they have new ones). I'd particularly like to say hi to Brother Tom and Brother Jed.


  • As part of a project at work, I had to learn the Google Maps js API. It's a bit clumsy for what I'm doing, but it's still kinda neat.
  • Ordered a new digital camera (Powershot G10) to replace my old one (Powershot G1).
I am not sure if there's a good way to play music for the duration of the car trip (about 3 hours)- as my Neuros died a few years ago and my laptop lacks the battery, this may be a very dull car trip. I suppose I could bring my Windows laptop, my OLPC, and my regular laptop, and switch them off whenever one loses the last bit of power, but that'd be a lot of trouble and I'd probably have to stop. I am mildly tempted to pick up a new cheap portable music player, although finding one with ogg support might be tricky.

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