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SSA2009 Day 2

Something must've changed on the LJ servers (probably) - my blog no longer autosyncs to livejournal (or is there just a delay?). I'll have to look into that.

Anyhow, continued Columbus adventures:

  • Rest of conference yesterday was decent - philosophical discussions with a few people are nice, and the 25-minutes for a presentation works well - even the less interesting ones don't drag too long
  • We then went to 「The Library」, which might be tied to the same place on the Southside in Pittsburgh - same name, although this was more a bar than anything else. They had good alcoholic cider.
  • Met up with PharmacyDan, who gave me a ride back to my car. I went to HoundDog's afterwards for chocolate cake, which is no longer amazingly good (maybe they changed bakers)
  • There was a surprising and unpleasant event last night that led to much less sleep than I thought. I've adjusted things today to compensate, more adjustment will be needed later today on that front.
  • Now having pancakes at Vic's. I wasn't meaning to hang out at Vic's quite this much, but I need some internet time each day. The Natalie Imbruglia cover of 「Torn」 is playing, and there's a very active feel to the place - different from its old vibe
I will have to go back to campus for the conference soon.

I've had a horrible blister on the back of one of my feet for the last month or two that's refused to heal, and it's made all the walking a bit less fun.

It was neat to see Aug, Amanda, and Sharon again. It's funny how fuzzy the memories of the first years of SFF are.

There was also a former politican who was high in one of the state legislatures who had a lot of interesting things to say. I told him a bit about Lawrence Lessig.

I've had to use Voltaire's saying about witticisms a few times - there are a fair number of people here who think that quips are actual arguments.



I suspect that your blog-sync problems are due to the DDoS problems that LJ (and Twitter and Facebook) have been suffering the last few days.