Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

SSA2009 Day 1

Adventures in Cowtown, Ohio:

Arrived last night in Columbus. High Street renovation has extended considerably. Most of the precious parts of it were already gone before I left, but the kinky stuff stores are still there (might check that out tonight or tomorrow). Met up with AshleyP, Hamant, and some other folk at a bar before heading to her place to sleeping bag the night away. Impressions from the drive:
*It was actually kinda nice driving again. I was reminded that Pittsburgh roads feel like they were designed by a speed demon driver - would be awesome to have no speed limits or people there and just have a nice fast drive. Alas, safety requires that never be.
*All the nice landmarks between Columbus and Pgh came back into my head
*Driving is exhausting

*Woke up at 05:30 for the trip to Kentucky for the Creation Museum. Fortunately, I was not driving for this part. Breakfast was at McDonalds, which was a terrible idea but I was unfortunately not driving. My stomach is only slowly dequeasing.
*Museum: On beautiful land, had lots of neat exhibits, I will describe this in more detail later when I get the pics off of my camera. There were some surprising parts.
*Trip back to Columbus: Tiredness from not getting a lot of sleep and the travel was really starting to catch up to me. Again was not driving, fell asleep for part of it.
*Micro Center: Yay! A real computer store that is not terrible. I bought a widget that allows hotplugging of external IDE/SATA drives using a USB interface (which might be useful in getting data off of old disks I have lying around) and some other small goodies. Newegg is great, and it's where I buy most of my stuff nowadays, but Micro Center was always good for browsing
*More travel - The "new stuff" fairy has visited Ohio State and the surrounding area - campus looks a lot prettier in the parts I've seen.
*Victorian's Midnight Cafe - Where I am now. It is under new ownership and is very different. The wireless actually works now, hooray!

There is more conference tonight. I am more than lightly tempted to skip it all and go to the duck pond or the Park of Roses.

I don't feel quite so disconnected here, although there's only one person I've seen on the trip that I knew that's still around and I had a waning friendship with him the last few years I was here. Looking in the mirror I seem to have full racoon eyes - tiredness and depression are still with me even if the latter is lifted a bit.

I'll probably save India Garden for Sunday if Mac can spare the time to hang out then. Maybe I'll head to Hounddog's later tonight if I don't join one of the groups going to the bars.

The Pizza I've ordered smells good. I'm looking forward to it.

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