Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Doogie's Legacy

(oops, forgot to post before I went to bed. Date may be confusing)

I wonder how many people got their initial intuitions about blogging based on Doogie Howser. For those of us born in a particular range of years, it was a kind of proto blog - like the journals people kept to themselves over a long period of time, but a bit more publicly aimed given that it was a TV show and the authors would not care to incorporate too much of personal journal content in there. The only other example of bloglike content I recall was that of personal writing of letters. That is, alas, a lost art - I occasionally used to write them to select friends, but keeping a set of corrispondences going was sometimes hard - put off writing a letter and it easily never happens. Eventually things fall to the sorry state of one person writing letters to the other that never get a response. All I see now is the rare holiday card, which I honestly don't like that much, partly because I only recognise one Holiday (International Labour Day), and partly because they're too short to have any content worth the bother of sending them. Before going to university, I had a few penpals across the world - maybe it was being young and happy and having a simple life, but I never seemed to have trouble maintaining corrispondences back then. Oh well.

Yesterday: packed up my office. This is the second time I've been at CMU and moved without changing jobs. The upper floors of wean are eerily empty, the middle floors are stuffed with boxes, and I gather starting tomorrow around noon the lower floors (including my office) will be emptied of the boxes and labeled things I handled today. Amused: my frequent migraines and occasional need to lie down in darkness has been useful for the first time in my life in assuring me my own (small) office in the new building - since getting a temporary officemate in Wean, I've had to go home more often when the migraines got bad than I did before. It's also the beginning of the turning of another year - one of the things about working for a university is that one measures time by school years rather than birthdays or calendar years. I think the growing age between me and undergrads means that I should let go of new efforts in trying to hang around them. Grad students would be fine in theory (and probably compose my theoretical friendship-or-dating circle), but they have their own thing going on, and I don't think I really have anything to give to new would-be friends or significant others. The future looks dark and lonely.

Getting the new CMCL set up properly is going to be a lot of work. There is a *lot* of stuff on my plate at work as we are weaned from Wean.

New camera's pictures average at about 5 meg apiece, at a resolution of 4416x3312. This means that if I take a picture, when I zoom to the maximum level the in-camera software can handle, I get a reasonably clear picture of details far too distant to see clearly with my eyes. It's almost as hilarious as the zooming scenes in some movies where they can zoom through walls, around corners, and otherwise get information that should not have been in the actual photos.


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