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Technically Civilised

Today I moved my lamp, tea kettle, and cup to my new office - this means that my office is technically civilised (not fully because I don't have the electric base to the kettle nor any tea). On the way between old office and new,

  • I took one of the just-opened revamped elevators. It looked the same as it did before the revamp, except with cooler directional arrows, a slightly different set of buttons, and a lingering scent of lemon-marinated chicken that makes me hungry (for a tofu version of the same dish - lemon marination sauce is one of the most wonderful culinary things on earth)
  • There was a spinny wheel being demonstrated on the upper WeH entrance to NSH. This was awesome, and it drew a bit of a crowd. The only downside was that it made a high-pitched whine while in operation.

I took two videos with my camera, and tossed them on Youtube:

The chair in my new office does wonderful things to my back - I don't think I'll need a pillow anymore to be comfortable. It's a bit weird being able to look across the chasm and see either of my boss's offices, or look down and see the curiously obscene-looking blue chairs.
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in my experience with gyroscopes, the high pitched whine is generated by the vibration of the air around the gyroscope?

cool robot though, and fairly fast considering it's size. Did it seem like they were wrestling with the controls?
The controls seemed pretty natural. The remote control had two sticks and some buttons. I don't think I saw them struggling (the first guy was a pro, but I think he was a developer. The second guy had it fall over a few times (I think my second video captured some of that).

I regret not asking what the component cost was.

Edited at 2009-08-13 09:15 pm (UTC)
that confuses me some time about the use of the word robot. When I think robot I think an autonomous or semi-autonomous being, but I guess robot is also used for when a certain function (i.e. keeping balance) is made automatic?
The latter use you mention is fairly common, although it is a concept where people often don't agree on its proper borders.