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New Office

My new office in Gates 9114 is working out pretty well. The layout I've chosen is probably pretty unique. Unfortunately, I will probably not get much real work done over the next few work days, or perhaps I will be working really late. Most likely both. It amusingly now resembles my living room a bit more.

Spending several hours moving heavy furniture around in the lab space today was not so fun - some unexpected aspects of the room made our original floor plan moot.

P.S. My new office is now civilised (meaning I have tea).


cool, i'm just down the hall in 9110. i'm finding it impossibly hot to inhabit still, until they fix the AC control, but that probably means it's perfect for you :P
I do have some new tea you should try....

I think the office heat is due to be bluntly adjusted early next week (although individual office controls are likely to be a bit later).