Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bus Changes

I dug into the proposed changes to the bus system. For any of you who live in Pgh and have usage vaguely similar to mine:

  • A lot of the routes are renamed. Many of the new names are not-strictly-numeric-plus-a-letter and will be hard to remember.
  • There is a fad for something called "Rapid Bus". It is basically a lot of flashy crap that will not make a difference, except (and this is a big except) they might provide live bus status information at the stops, which would be amazingly useful. They talk about it costing "only $10,000 per stop", which is crazy-high, but it'd be nice.
  • They juggled some routes a bit to make the heavily trafficed routes more single-purpose and adding some infrequent busses for seldom-used parts of the old routes to get on the new ones.
  • They eliminated service to a lot of places that have closed.
  • Their PDFs are huge and may make your PDF viewer very sad
Specific routes:
  • 28X will be split into a dedicated airport bus and another bus that will go to Robin Town Centre. The airport bus will specifically be an airport bus, with luggage facilities. Trips to/from the airport will be faster. This is totally awesome.
  • 54C - I think they were on crack when they drew this new map, and I cannot make heads or tails of it. Maybe this will continue to be an inconvenient alternate route to get to the Southside, or the moon, or Moscow?
  • 59U - Eliminated. Ouch. Harsh. A new route 75 provides an Oakland-Southside link, but it does not get very near CMU or the rest of Squirrel Hill. Suckage. People, please complain about this, using their online form and showing up.
  • All 61 busses and the 69A - Replaced with R1-R4 (the Rapid Bus thing). Coverage is slightly trimmed. Apparently there will be fewer stops but more frequent pickups. This is probably a good thing, we'll see how it works out.
  • All 71 busses - Replaced with R5-7. Same idea.
  • 64A - Renamed the 64, becomes more frequent, some tweaking of stops that are beyond where I use it (I use this to get to Whole Foods). This is a good thing.

Seeing their grand map of the bus system, I am tempted to do some bus tourism, were that not such a terrible thing to do alone. The furthest reaches of the bus system are quite a ways out there. It would be interesting to go to:

  • Ambridge, which is halfway to Ohio and near Aliquippa.
  • Bridgeville, which has a cool name and looks intersting from Google Maps
  • Library, which also has a cool name and a cool former name (Loafer's Hollow) and is one of the more distant southerly places one can go
  • Elizibeth, which is in fact the most southerly and misspelled place one can go. Google Maps believes its name is in fact Elizabeth, and the transit map notes a West Elizabeth, so somebody made a mistake.
  • Trafford, which is not in the county and a good ways southeast (past Pitcairn)
  • Plum, which is east past Alpine Village and a good ways past Monroeville
  • Natrona/Harrison Hills Park, which is a fair ways northeast of the city

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