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Speaking Japanese to the French

I wasted half a day of work today coping with banking difficulties (well, I will probably stay late to make up for it - it's not like I have anything else to do in the evenings):

  • National City was bought by PNC bank. Mergers almost never benefit customers - generally at best we can hope for things being the same, usually things get at least a little (and often a lot) worse. I am trying to feel better about this by pretending that PNC stands for 「People's National City」 rather than 「Pittsburgh National, Co」
  • The merger is set to complete sometime in early November
  • About a week ago, National City, which used to be a very convenient bank in Pgh, with branches all over the places, sold all but two of its branches in the entire city to some no-name bank. Neither of those two branches are in convenient places, and PNC's locations are a bit more inconvenient overall
  • National City customers can't bank in PNC yet
This was not the most inspired decision (imagine this said with great contempt, as it actually ranks very high on my list of statements of how stupid something is). I can't cash or deposit checks with my bank. There were a lot of very unhappy people walking into SqHill PNC for the first time today.

Fortunately, I keep a quite large cash reserve in my checking account (enough to last me a year if I'm fairly thrifty), so I'm not actually in trouble. I decided to reward bad behaviour (inherited bad behaviour at that!) by splitting my paycheck into a new money market account and a CD.

It's still irritating that the last message we get from our bank as it falls into the gaping maw of PNC is a 「Fuck You! You have nowhere to bank HO HO HO」

Also, I think "In accordance with prophecy, MUNDANE THING" is a wonderful phrase that needs broader use.

Concept: mental apperatif - a bit of music? I wonder if knowing the particulars of these, when people have them, says much about them. Likewise, imagining people writing poems about various emotions of theirs, if, when, and how they're expressed. I don't think I really know someone unless I see a reasonable coverage of their range of emotions and can start building this kind of map - when they get angry, why, how, what happens, likewise with happiness, etc. There's a natural fascination with the different facial expressions of each of these. It is unfortunate that in many people their most attractive expression comes when they're livid.


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