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Maps By Hand

I was impressed at Senator Franken's State Fair talent of drawing the 50 US States from memory. I'm uncertain if it's more than a parlor trick, but it's a very useful one for politics. I tried doing the same, and after many iterations (but no seeking external sources) of drawings to get the shapes to line up, my results:

Verdict: Ouch. I should note that the squatness of the 4-square of states is something I would've fixed with another iteration. It would not have helped Wyoming be the shape it should be, because I missed entirely a few states in the area.

I should note that several earlier drafts had MA in the right shape, but these also lacked CT and RI entirely. I think the states that have the most awesome shapes are:

  • Texas - gives me warm fuzzies
  • Ohio - looks like a police badge
  • Idaho - has a lot of character
  • Missouri - I once had creepy-awesome dreams of missouris springing from the earth and running around scaring people - the front dangly bits turned into fingers, and sprouting spider legs from the flat rear


You also missed Delaware and Long Island.

I learned the Minnesota/Iowa/Missouri/Arkansas/Louisiana + Kentucky/Tennessee shape in 3rd grade with the "Chef" analogy. Minnesota is a chef's hat, with Iowa/Mizzou/Arkanasas/Lousiana as the chef, Tennessee is a platter and Kentucky is a giant pile of chicken.
Long Island isn't a state. Although it is a pretty good cocktail.