Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Co-evolution of Metaphilosophy

The choice between epistemologically active Weltanschauungen, which prejudice us towards certain ideas of the world (even thouse that are sufficiently empirical in nature) is not doable through means limited to philosophy. The choice of metaphilosophies we would use to choose and then judge between these systems is in our case data-driven, preventing any sort of "clean-start" to an epistemological base. Such clean starts as philosophical ideals are the sun to the wings of icarus philsophers enchanted with them strap on - no epistemology comes into being except as evolved from our simple biological empiricism

We in fact expect one's ideas to take form as metaphilosophy, and that plus the previous form of one's epistemological perspective to generally transition to the next view.

This does not mean that the possibilities our Weltanschauungen is inherently blind to are dismissable from a perfectly careful stance. Our dismissal of some possibilities is pragmatic, in that in order for our reasoning to function, we must dismiss huge swathes of raw possibility.

Unrelated, the year-aged gouda WholeFoods has in stock right now is, lightly headed in a microwave, surprisingly similar in taste to a good fondue. It is also a simple but creepy thing to think of that for us males out there (no please let's not have *that* conversation again now), our Y chromosome is, barring mutations, the same as our father's.

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