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Review: Tazza d'Oreo

A cute and large coffeeshop in a distant suburb of Pittsburgh. They have a very very large selection of coffee (almost a shame I don't drink it) and a reasonable selection of tea. I had a slice of pecan pie that was most excellent, and their prices are very affordable. The layout is very spacious, staff are friendly, no obnoxious music, and the decor and blurbs suggest moderately left-leaning politics. The people are a grab bag, although the neighbourhood is mild-yuppie.

Tazza doesn't feel like it belongs in Pittsburgh - feels more like it belongs in Europe.

Link: their homepage

The 500 is a decent way to get here, although it's an infrequent bus. Behind me is someone trying to scam someone else into a pyramid (actually, a MLM) scheme. I am tempted to walk around the neighbourhood a bit more, although I am also tempted to understand the scam so I can expose this guy as a fraud. It's funny how I could not reach out to another human being for social reasons but can (probably) avoid being shy to stop this kind of rubbish.

Update: Good for you! The woman said she might've been naïve enough for that when she was younger, but not now, and walked out after about an hour of listening to the guy's spiel. I didn't need to say a word.

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