Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Water and Wind Power

I've recently written and decided not to post a number of blog entries - so much indecision. This weekend looked like it was going to suck, but it actually went decently well, as the RNG decided to favour me a bit. I saw most of Svankmajer's Alice with some friends, and it was delightfully creepy. There was also a decent amount of good eating and some drinkage of the blue stuff.

So far, my mom's advice on use of vinegar water to clean up some cat carpet damage looks to be good - the scent of both febreeze and the underlying scent are mostly gone. Hurrah. I also chose the band for my second hat - as it's a silverback, after long discussion with the hatter and trying a number of different things on, a light brown ribbon makes the hat versatile (grey hats are really defined by their bands) and goes well with my skin tone.

I guess the roguelike class isn't happening. I'm not surprised - it's a bit of a bummer, but I guess it means I'll have a decent amount of spare time. The number of other interested people never topped three.

Tomorrow: Protest. Hopefully I'll wake up in time.


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