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Creation Times

Given the basic necessities for a social group to form, it often takes awhile for it to do so, while removing these necessities can kill it very quickly. CMU shows this general tendency pretty well - losing the CSLounge, shrinking of the cluster, etc. Now GHC has a *lot* of open space suitable for that kind of stuff, but new traditions, particularly of the organic kind, will take a bit to form.

It's interesting watching it happen, both in the more manual "let's start doing this" sense and in the "it just sort of happened" sense.

It's even more interesting that the space itself is obvious (as we "figure it out") - it's more about figuring out other people and what herding is possible.


GHC actually seems designed to prevent this from happening. The space above the 5th floor (i.e. where all the open space is) is card-protected. My understanding is that once the readers are activated, it will not be accessible to undergraduates except during working hours.

I don't know how much insight you have into SCS/CSD politics, but I believe that "getting rid of those kids" is a conscious directive from a pretty high level.
"getting rid of those kids" is a conscious directive

do you have evidence of this? I've certainly never heard anything like it.
Also, I've not yet gotten a straight answer from anyone about the keycards really keeping undergrads out after hours. I hope it's not the case, but we'll see. (I think Jim Skees's most recent email said upper floors would be restricted to "SCS personnel", and I'm not certain that excludes undergrads.)