Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Blue Shield

There is now an oddly high police presence all over the city. A lot of them are guarding unimportant things. I would not be surprised to see two mounted police and some SWAT guarding a standalone latrine. It's not that I dislike cops (I generally tend to have a vague feeling of likingness for them unless I think they're on drug patrol (not that I do any drugs myself, for various reasons, but rather that I think that drug enforcement is mistargeted and some popular prohibited drugs should be legal)), I'm just a bit weirded out to see so many. This morning I saw a mixed group of city and county cops on motorcycles riding together down my street (the different uniforms seen together was kind of odd).

Wondering about a mental structure to capture the difference between thought-fallacies we can easily correct for just by becoming aware of them and those that remain highly problematic even when spotted.


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