Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

G20 Pics

I have re-sync'd my galleries, and there are now G20 pics online. There are a few other collections that are new, from 「Weaning from Wean」 onward. Other gallery changes and geeky things:

  • Spidereyeballs defaults to making too many different sizes. I reconfigured my wrapper for it to do small, large, and original (originals were not available before)
  • Incidentally, my wrapper software automatically generates the XML file it needs to do its things based on a file-folder hierarchy. If anyone would like a copy let me know
  • I noticed that when files with the same name exist in different folders of the source directory, spidereyeballs doesn't handle them correctly, having one overwrite the other in the target directory. I wrote a script to munge the file hierarchy to include the foldername into each filename to prevent that overwriting. Sadly, any bookmarks to particularp photos are invalidated by this. All this came up because my old canon camera and my new canon camera use the same naming conventions, and the new one naturally started at photo one.

Enjoy the pics - there are actually a lot more, but I've tried to avoid mostly redundant-topic'd photos so the gallery is not huge. Anyone who wants to literally see all of them should let me know.


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