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Plastic Sound

George Harrison's 「When We Was Fab」 feels incomplete. It's not that it feels like a good intro or sketch of a song, like the Beatles 「Her Magesty」, it's that its intro dives too directly into its refrain. It would take extensive surgery to fix the song - skill more akin to that of a plastic surgeon or invasive gardener, one bold enough to create life, make new patterns of order in an already existing organism, rather than simply restoring an external order gone astray.

It is faintly delightful that the eyesore in front of campus keeps wobbling dangerously to the extent that they often have to make panicked efforts to keep it from actually falling. It may be too much of a loss of face to actually remove the thing until CMU has a new president, but it provides endless opportunities for gallows humour.

Gallows humour is probably the word, as there is no warmth left in the air anymore.

I understand that the mayor is taking some political damage for his enthusiastic support for the G20, and there are people investigating who authorised the use of sonic weapons and tear gas against the protesters (particularly as much of it made it into the homes of people near where it was used). I am pleased - while we should be wary (or at least careful) of right wing populist anger joining with left wing versions of the same, there is an opportunity to harness and reshape that anger for good purposes (and a danger of the opposite).

I wonder if a coming openness in academic society and blogging will work well together - will people just not talk about their work for fear of being scooped for grants (or ideas, before they publish), or will the funding and publishing model change enough that these will no longer be concerns?

I sometimes wonder if there are distinct cohesive male and female (or gender-attraction-specific) likingnesses, and how much work it would take to understand the sexual inclinations (in the barest sense) of others (particularly one's partners). Perhaps when people match well in sexual congress, they are fortunate enough that their broad inclinations line up, but could one do better by actually understanding what "floats another's boats" in a deep way? Are the things commonly called deviant really all that deviant, or if we had people unrestrained by prudishness, would they turn out fairly similar? Should we accept the idea that prudishness actually is necessary to create the repressions needed for kink? If a female is into a particular kink (e.g. neoprene), are there broad differences between how the kink works for them versus how it would work for a male?

Recently: learned about lzma, which seems to be present on my Linuces, is a good unix citizen (in that it has taken on most of the same options as gzip, just as bzip2 did). Useful for transferring files from laptop to media server, I initially was doing:

tar cf - 1253931865_g20/img_02LINK* 1253931865_g20/img_03* | lzma -c - | ssh media.dachte.org "cd mediafiles && lzma -d - | tar xvf -"

until I discovered that there is indeed some (minimal) GNU tar integration. This is of course not documented in the tar manpage because the people at the Free Software Foundation have brain damage and think that GNU info is how we like reading documentation. The FSF, for being a politically important group in the free software community, has a long history of brain damage. Apparently I could've done the above instead with:

tar cf --lzma - 1253931865_g20/img_02LINK* 1253931865_g20/img_03* | ssh media.dachte.org "tar xv -C mediafiles --lzma f -"

or something like that (learned about the -C flag while looking into this).

I have noticed that Crazy Goat has been getting a lot more Frum customers since I spoke with them about the importance of better displaying their certification from the Vaad.

Mr Deity is pretty reliably funny.