Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dual Payloads

「In philosophy, we instead have a commitment to increasing the depth of perspective of others, particularly those with less philosophical depth. Read more...Collapse )

Saw Michael Moore's 「Capitalism: A Love Story」. Two years ago, I saw 「Sicko」, which felt only mostly honest and careful. My BS meter was much quieter for this film. Details and analysis:Read more...Collapse )

I have also appeared to solved a large physics problem - that of cold fusion. Careful experiments with a Cat (observed not to be purring) and a cabinet have led me to the observation that placing said cat inside said cabinet results in a cabinet emitting purr radiation. If this power can be harnessed, the potential is amazing (although the logistics of having power plants composed of cats and cabinets are difficult). I am sure engineers will figure it out and make it practical.


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