Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Killed By a Hero

Dream:Was in the genericised University of my dreams - not really CMU, although it's now stocked with CMU and MIT people. I was in the CS building, which was designed in what I'll call 「Postmodern Neoclassical」 style - lecture halls are very reminiscent of stone ampitheatres, multi-layer floors, "soft barriers" mix with hard ones. The whole thing is much grander in scale though, with no real sense of a floor level (CMU's arts building is a bit like this), also no real sense of proper floors - each room is its own thing and usually differs in height from most other rooms. Outdoor balconies tend to have a stone look, as does most of the building - there is very little glass or wood. Enough about the style - I was in a lecture hall which was steadily filling up, having just found a coworker and asking them to meet with me after the lecture, when they said that that'd be after 7 - it was a 4 hour lecture on something random. I had been planning on going to whatever the lecture was because it sounded kind of interesting and I wanted to talk with the coworker a bit more, but that was too much of a time commitment for me, so I grabbed my stuff and went just as Randy Bryant was about to introduce the speaker. Moving my way out a side entrance, I passed by a seeming coatroom where Brooks Brothers had set up a small store for suits, bags, etc. Their prices (unlike the real Brooks Brothers) seemed very reasonable, and I decided to perhaps come back later. I decided to go outside, and walked out onto the balcony, enjoying the view (mostly clouds, fields of green below, more of the same building stretching up to our level). A ways over, I settled into the Iguana Pavilion (sadly, devoid of Iguanas), where a number of people were watching the sky and talking, some of them looking almost like they were part of religious orders.

I always fear that someday the disability-friendly police will someday visit my dreams. In my opinion, two of the prettiest/most awesome buildings on CMU campus, the arts building and Baker-Porter, are the least handicap friendly, and handicap accessibility ruins nice architecture, in retrofit or in constraining creativity (Baker-Porter does both - it has a number of handicap lifts to move people between its different levels on the same floor, but these lifts do not in fact work and they take up a reasonable amount of space. They also don't exist to take people to several of the offices. For the sake of architecture, someone needs to come up with a better solution for people who presently use wheelchairs. (I think 「For the Sake of Architecture」 is probably the worst battlecry yet devised)

I meant to use this title for a very different entry, but it's one I'm probably not ready to write yet.


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