Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Google Sidewiki is about 40% of what we'd want from a proper annotation solution. It's also not a wiki. Still, 40% is something.

To use it, you unfortunately have to install the awfully large Google Toolbar. Fortunately, if you're on firefox, you can bring up customise mode, grab the useful bits out of that toolbar (sidewiki, maybe pagerank) and hide the rest.

You really don't want to have a dedicated search bar on your browser - it is much better to use firefox's urlbar for that purpose, as you can already right click on any form box, do "Add a keyword for this search", enter a word, and that bookmark will have the needed magic so if you type "word mysearch" into your location bar, it will do the same search (the same POST, really) that using the form would've done on the page. I have:

  • g is for google
  • wik is for wikipedia
  • image is for google images
  • az is for amazon
  • imdb is for IMDB
  • dof is for DofusWiki
  • kol is for KOLWiki
  • leak is for Wikileaks

and so on... wasting browser screenspace on another bar is ridiculous

Tags: tech

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