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Hitting the Humourus

Inappropriate and offensive humour:Was playing the Left 4 Dead 2 demo, which is a rather good game. Then I wondered about why it is that in L4D, the "zombies" are missing limbs and have exposed innards, but a single bullet to the arm of an intact zombie knocks them down, "killing" them - is the idea that they eventually get back up hours after? Then I wondered if L4D is popular with real-life doctors. Then I imagined the most horrible mod ever - a utility for surgeons to upload photography and customise body shape of zombies so they resemble patients they have lost on the operating table. It's a pretty sick idea.

If L4D2 is an accurate depiction of its town, I think it would be a very hip place to visit or live.


L4D2 is pretty accurate. Eerie clarinet music wafting down the street. Same look. Equal number of zombies tonight, even.

Yes, it's super hip here.
Haha... I was meaning the general feel of Crescent City. I've never been there, and it appears distinct from anywhere in Texas I've been (although maybe it's a bit like Austin blended with some parts of Miami) - does the architecture and layout feel like home to you?
Well, the general feeling *isn't* that you're about to be eviscerated...often.

Oh god it's nothing like Texas. Screw Texas. Even Austin - not close. Maybe eviscerated there though.

Of course the architecture is valid; they nail their art direction to the wall, like a nailgun to a zombie skull.