Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

L4D2 - Note 2

Jonathan Coulton's 「Re: Your Brains」 is in L4D2 as one of the bits of music that can be played on a jukebox! I wonder if I'm the first person to notice this! Other songs on the jukebox:

  • A nice jazz rendition of 「When the Saints Come Marching In」
  • Some lightly grungy song about being a homeless but well-armed 「bad bad dog」
  • Another lightly grungy song about a guy with money and guns
Favourite weapon: Either the Frying Pan or the machete. The last time I did roleplaying I played a perverted old man who used a glue gun and a frying pan - there's something hilarious about attacking people with cooking implements.

Also, it's great to hear about musicians like Molly Lewis or Jonathan Coulton being successful and getting more exposure.


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