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L4D2 - Note 2

Jonathan Coulton's 「Re: Your Brains」 is in L4D2 as one of the bits of music that can be played on a jukebox! I wonder if I'm the first person to notice this! Other songs on the jukebox:

  • A nice jazz rendition of 「When the Saints Come Marching In」
  • Some lightly grungy song about being a homeless but well-armed 「bad bad dog」
  • Another lightly grungy song about a guy with money and guns
Favourite weapon: Either the Frying Pan or the machete. The last time I did roleplaying I played a perverted old man who used a glue gun and a frying pan - there's something hilarious about attacking people with cooking implements.

Also, it's great to hear about musicians like Molly Lewis or Jonathan Coulton being successful and getting more exposure.


Computer game culture is probably bigger than geek culture though.
It is good that you haven't gone from your post of a few months ago saying that maybe watching professional sports isn't so terrible to the extreme of "I will stand outside Gamestop overnight to pick up the latest copy of Madden Football".