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Another election, this time I was too busy with work to really study for this test. Fortunately, Squirrel Hill's Town Hall (the JCC, really) reminded me to vote as I passed by it. I voted against Ravenstahl (who got both the Republican and Democratic nomination, the latter in a run-off, wtf) because I very strongly disagree with his handling of the G20, supporting Franco Harris instead - I haven't had time to do a lot of research about him but he seems like a moderate liberal with a decent (albeit not very political) resume. The rest of those running were the regular uninspiring options, some for offices that are not particularly political.

In the judiciary, I largely want judges who understand the Common Law system we have and how the public interest and rule of law work in such a system - so long as they don't approach law like a logician and don't have either the FoxNews or Fundamentalist flavour of being deeply disconnected from reality, I don't care about their political persuasion.

It is deeply worrying that there's churning in the Republican party as Palinites and Fox attempt to cause it to lurch in non-respectable directions. In a better political system, it would be a nice gamble that the party would splinter in a way that would leave it unable to win elections as moderates and their supporters might become democrats. Unfortunately, were that to happen we'd lose the tension that allows voters to toss bad people out. Also unfortunately, FoxNews, despite being politically and culturally cancerous, has a very broad viewer base. On one of my smaller blogs, I commented on the First Party System and compared it to what's generally considered the current - the Fifth. I am tempted to assert that the fifth is in fact over because of the changing role of media in society and we're seeing the beginnings of what should legitimately be considered a Sixth Party System. The Republican Party has seen major losses from both the paleoconservatives and the neocons, the new dominant factions being right-populists, theocrats, and right-libertarians (Bob Dole and John McCain are now remnants). Has the Democratic Party changed much? Probably not a lot - they're still technocratic city-folk with a variety of ill-defined factions. The shifting sands of Republican definitions have led a number of moderate Republican political figures into independence, but this has not been met so much with growth in the Democratic popular vote both because FoxNews is an effective political actor and because Obama's reforms threaten some entrenched class privileges.

The shifting weather is proving terribly apt at summoning migraines. Recent flavour of depression has added strong flavours of jealousy and anger. I seem to be angry with a lot of people in ways that when I trace that anger, I can see that it's not for things I should expect them to (treat me better/give me a shot/whatever) but rather need and lack. The realising that their behaviour is reasonable doesn't make the feelings go away.
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Feeling that I deserve this lonely life.

At the Te Café, but about to head home because there's terrible music playing (Avett Brothers's "Love Like the Movies") and a terribly irritating guy talking like a motivational speaker to woo some girl nearby.


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