Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A Time of Increased Sanity

K3b is the CD/DVD burning software I use, having switched from XCDRoast about a year ago. Over this last year, I've been traumatised by its default sound alerts for events, and yesterday I finally decided to futz with the settings to turn that stuff off. The preferences for setting that stuff up feel like they were written by a different set of programmers than those that wrote the app - switching to dialogue boxen and disabling sounds was not at all intuitive. Mhh. On the upside, I felt a good increase in my sanity quotient with the first DVD burned after the change. I guess I didn't realise exactly how much the little bugle jingle of success and the "wa-wa-wa-waaaah" of failed burnage got on my nerves.

I had another fun political discussion with Isildur last night at what might or might not be a revival of the Zets. I'm hoping if such gatherings continue to happen, they'll happen someplace else - I don't like hanging out in places with a TV constantly on, especially if it's playing sports.

I find the responses various U.S. presidential hopefuls made to BushJr's recent State of the Union to be interesting, both because I like seeing what people said (or, more importantly, didn't say) and because it helps me keep up with who might be in the running. BushJr has left the republicans in an interesting position, with his vice president being unelectable (and thus going against tradition for who runs after a president serves two terms) and his invasion a disaster. I'm worried that the opposition may become wed to impractical pacifism at a possibly inopportune time (regarding Iran) though. Any incoming president may inherit the ugly mess that Iraq has become - I have no idea whether increased troops, scaling back, cut-and-run, or something else is called for at this point, although it seems pretty clear to me that, at least by some measures I care about, the present state of affairs is worse than Saddam's rule.


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