Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Mechanics of Revoking Corporate Charters

I wonder if it'd be possible to revoke the corporate charters of the RIAA and MPAA. Meaning: possible in the "could people make it happen", not "is this legally possible in theory given our system".

It would be nice for copyright abolitionists (such as myself) and copyright moderates to assemble a list of companies we'd like to see unplugged and take action to either revoke their charters or their license to do business in as many states as we can. From our perspective, they are always working on ways to harm the public interest, and it would be nice for us to try to always be working on unplugging them and spreading our views in ways more effective than theirs. I wonder if the EFF would be an appropriate vehicle for this, or if that would be too divisive for them.


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