Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Inducing Cloud Amnesia

Posting from my mum's place in Brecksville - first visit in a long time, and now she's living in a new place, the divorce and house sale being finished. Trip here: My famed navigation sense caused the trip length to be almost exactly doubled - I missed 76 and didn't notice until I was in Erie, PA, turning 126 miles to 248. Ugh.

On the upside-or-downside, when the clouds that normally come when I drive showed up, I was in the wrong spot and they didn't get to rain my entire parade - inertia carried the clouds right past me.

Rental car: Chevrolet Aveo, a very small vehicle, as I requested. This is less likable than other small cars I have driven, mainly because the speedometer and gas meter are in the centre of the car - I have to look down and right to see these things, which is pretty uncool. Still, it drove well, was fairly comfortable, and seems to have reasonable milage.

Ancient Windows laptop served as jukebox (because I don't care if the power suddenly dies, and my windows laptop seems to have very good battery life).

Was particularly impressed with hearing the music to Zelda 2 again - noticed how some of the voices in some songs there are quite interesting - sets of four notes vary with each other to make a kind of tapestry effect - the lesser voices are often very interesting, but it would not do to play them louder, because they only really make sense as a felt-rather-than-heavily-perceived musical element. Again I wonder how much the emotional connotations of musical elements is tied to human and prehuman vocalisations of emotional state - when we hear certain short elements in a song, when they feel like they're pleading or soothing or yelling, this is why... perhaps.

I am glad I'll be back Friday evening - will leave me the weekend to decompress from family. I will miss having spinach and blackeyed peas though.

Random thoughts on places to do work:

  • Working at home, I have cats to snuggle with, a really nice network connection, and I can play music out and optionally sing along. I also don't need to wear clothes, and when I get a migraine I can head to bed and wait it out without feeling like I'm going to die someplace else. I also have my "One True Keyboard" there. On the downside, I tend to get distracted at home, and it's not that clean (theoretically fixable to a certain extent, modulo cats)
  • Working at CMU, I feel a bit better because people can easily find me, my bosses see me, and I have easier access to hardware for experiments. Seeing other people is a mixed blessing because of .. things. Since T'd'O moved in, work means easy access to very tasty but expensive foods. Work is also clean, and I have a bigger amount of deskspace and screen real-estate than anywhere else. It's pretty productive.
  • Working at Teahouses, I see a lot of other regulars I don't really know, filling some part of my social urges (utterly neglecting others). The tea is very good, the chairs are very comfy, and it's pretty easy to focus. Downside is very limited deskspace, no better keyboard, time limits (I can stay in my office or at home for as long as I like).
I might spend most of Friday wandering around town before I head back home to Pgh.

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