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Day two of Brecksville...The night before I left to come here, I went on a jog around the neighbourhood for the first time in awhile. For yesterday and today I've been kind of hobbling around. I'm moving a bit like my grandparents (whom I saw today)... also, while looking at myself in the mirror after the shower, for a moment I really strongly saw my father's features in mine, which bothered me quite a bit. Face-parsing is one of those many-modes-like-a-rubiks-cube things though.

Last night, just before I went to bed, I made myself a big cheese fajita - today, I woke up with a terrible migraine - the two may be related. Apparently I'm not the only one in my family to suffer these - one of my sisters gave me some pills (which I thought were migraine meds, but turned out to be potent sleeping pills) that led me to spend most of the day drifting between sleeping in my temporary room and wandering around and sometimes chatting w/ family. There was much tasty vegetarian food, and I managed to not get too bothered by the strong smell of turkey in the house. The older family dog, Bailey, is on his way out - he can barely walk. The cats here are not nearly as friendly (or neurotic) as my cats, but then, they wern't raised by me. I'm mildly happy that my mum got a Mac (an Airbook), less happy that there are TVs around here that get watched. My mum and one of my sisters are really into this show called 「Glee」 which is truly loathsome with no recognisable merit.

Tomorrow/Friday, sometime I'll be heading back - depending on when I leave, I may have some time in Pgh where I have use of a car - not sure what use I'll make of this. Perhaps I'll drive out to North Park. On the other hand, if I stick around Bville a bit longer I could either visit the metroparks or have awkward meetings with people I used to know.

Last night, I had dreams about a trip to NYC and DC a few years back with CMU acquaintences, which gradually morphed into dreams about a differet trip out west with older CMUites to a wedding, then finally into yet another car trip from Columbus to NYC. I don't seem to still be in significant contact with any of the three groups, but those were pretty good times (or at least I remember them as such - prodding gently at them, I can see that I've rosified them a bit - there were some bad components to them too). Still, in retrospect I like road trips even if they're daunting at the time. It's also a bit goofy to temporarily living in luxury again at my mum's - I doubt I could ever afford (or be comfortable buying) a life like this.

A division in geekdom (in the broader, non-CS-geekdom sense) - between those who have a strong interest in something and do it frequently but still have fairly normal other interactions with people, and those who take that strong interest in the thing as a basis to rework normal interaction styles with others to some extent. I am tempted to say that this division is that between otaku and fandom.

Semi-recently was pointed by someone I used to know at this - it's a bit spooky to see that the description feels like it was written by somebody who knows me.

Recently got Gideon Libson's 「Jewish and Islamic Law」, which is very interesting so far.

As for thanksgiving sentiments themselves, I don't really have any - there's not much to be thankful for at this point in my life. I guess unlike years past, there are fewer hopes for things that were never going to happen, and fewer personal ties that were never going to be what I wanted, and maybe some of those were pretty nice at the time.. Meh. At least this isn't as terrible as Valentine's Day where I get to count how many years I've been single again.

On the other hand, ... I'm not normally one for really soft beds, but this one is really very comfortable (maybe helped by my body that really wants me to go to sleep so it can keep working on repairing leg muscles).


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