Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

De Le Mond

End adventures:Woke up, helped family with computer things (I am *still* tech support? Oy), said goodbye to family pets (might be for the last time with them, due to frailties), hopped in car, drove around Brecksville for awhile revisiting Metroparks, could not remember how to reach high school, visited town square, then (after initially getting a bit lost) managed to get on 80 and had a much shorter trip home.

Before I left, I figured out why I got so lost on the way to Brecksville - 76 and 80 do not in fact cross each other, they inexplicably come close, meet at a sharp angle, and bounce off each other. If highways were more sensible, they'd be named such that they cross, and the fact that they don't was confusing. Were it not for meeting each other, there's no reason they would come to that pointy part, and I tend to assume "statistical independence" in my road systems.

Also, met oldest sister Linday's current bf - seems to be a quality person. I'm not much one to interfere with the lives of other family members (in recent times we're all pretty live-and-let-live), but it's still kind of nice to know when people who might become kin are intelligent, understand the world, and are not greedy or slimy.

It was a bit goofy to see how many channels there are on my mom's TV - while trying to change from Fox "News" to CNN (or more ideally BBCAmerica), I got lost among the hundreds (seriously) of channels. Oy.

Made it home, feeling slightly cheated by coming in through the northern (579) entrance to Pgh, which is terribly anticlimactic (come around hill, and suddenly there are buildings) compared to the wonderful main entrance (northbound/Fort Pitt Tunnel). It was getting pretty dark, so I decided not to seek out North Park, and I have to return the car tomorrow morning, so I guess visiting there won't happen. Oh well. Also, killer migraine came back for a few hours.

It faded down to a dull roar around 8, so I used my temporary car to go grab ice cream (spotting a cute gal with particularly awesome hair and an oddly elfish face there) at Fuck Yeah, then around the corner to Whole Foods where I was unable to pay because I left my wallet at FY. Returned, saw the girl had made her hair even more awesome but also looked like she had been crying for some reason, became nervous and shy because instinct was telling me to flirt, ran off after getting wallet, and returned to WF to pay for food. Somehow managed to lose one of the two remaining buttons on my Gap coat (I really should never shop at the gap again - their clothes are of poor durability), perhaps as "payment" for having been granted the boon of finding my lost wallet. Then spent about 20 minutes trying to get the key to turn in the damned rental car (turns out rotating the steering wheel slightly allowed the key to turn in the lock - WTF?!), drove to Te Cafe in hopes that hot tea would lessen the migraine, read a bit more of the Libson book, ended up meeting someone there from Chatham who I thought I knew from a long time ago, migraine present led to diminished shyness, so I chatted for a bit, then came home.

Appraisal of cat missing-me-ness - moderate. They haven't destroyed much of my apartment or made too much of a mess, although this does seem to be a time of enhanced snugglitude measures. I think they've become better behaved over the last few months - I've trained their more disgusting habits out of them.

Also, Phantom Brave (for Wii) is an incredibly confusing game!


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