Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Atrophy and Cancer

At the 61c tonight, I sat next to a really cute couple that looked to be either newly in love or really deeply in love - they were holding hands and kind of staring into each others eyes as they talked, sometimes holding both hands. I kind of wish I had been invisible so it wouldn't've been awkward to look. Just as much as it's painful to see such things for me, it's also really lifting. Kind-of-related, Valentine's day is coming up, a day which, thanks to widespread celebration of/by happy couples, has almost always left me feeling pretty bitter. Related, today's xkcd kind of struck home, and also made me remember that I've done that a few times.

The weather continues to be terrible and grows colder yet, but this does mean ski/snowboard season is here(?). I just need to hunt down a posse of interested people and at least one car to go to Seven Springs. Interested people should let me know.

I'm probably going to see Pan's Labyrinth on Sunday, with what's turning out to be a group composed of all females apart from me who probably don't know each other. If anyone else wants to join the herd, regardless of gender, right now I think we're aiming for sometime in the afternoon. The time isn't remotely close to being firm yet, and some people might drop if their schedule doesn't fit, but it should still hopefully be a decent set of people. Again, let me know.


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