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On the Wheel

Knytt Stories is a very cute game with nice music, lasting maybe half an hour. It also seems to have a community making new levels.

The outdoors are now utterly horrible to inhabit - without my powerful winter gloves, I get intense hand pain after about 5 minutes of being outdoors, and the rest of me is miserable. I may need to get a coat made of the same stuff as those gloves. I wish my apartment were not so drafty.

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I think, in general, that if it's not clear that one's job is good for society, one has the wrong job, even if one is particularly suited to the job. People in fields like marketing or financial services really should rethink their line of work if they have reasonable alternatives - the same goes for research groups that are not academic in nature (particularly those that selectively publish results when it's in somebody's economic interest). It would be a good mark on society (and on individuals) if jobs that are of questionable benefit or malign were very difficult to fill. I realise that my hands are not completely clean on this, and expressing this has caused grumbling in certain circumstances with relatives in certain fields, but I think it's still an important norm - the professions one takes are a big part of how one contributes to society, and those who choose their professions based on compensation or being able to work with "cool toys", in ignorance of or disassociating themselves of the results of their work (or lack of positive results) are not being the best people they can be. There certainly have been times in my careers where I've geeked out over the technology and design for something at work and lost sight of the fact that what I was working on was something either worthless on a broad scale or actively harmful. This is something I regret, despite the coolness at the time of being alpha geek, designing things under a very loose reign, based on the idea that they were cool and probably would be appreciated, probably not thought of by anyone else for awhile because of the broad array of skills I bring to the table. It's too easy to not demand something more of oneself.


You mention a problem that is common among geeks. And engineers, and any sort of technical professionals. I was going to say military science, but I'm guessing a lot of those people do believe they are doing the right thing.

Ever tried those little hand/foot warmer packets?