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Random grab-bag of things:

  • Aging: I keep noticing my spelling getting worse - mainly that occasionally I spell homonyms of words rather than the words I want. This is very irritating, but also fascinating - I used to have nearly perfect spelling (apart from the odd typo, which isn't exactly a spelling mistake so much as a finger-misstep)
  • Eating a lot of pizza for the first time in awhile combined with having two big glasses of wine for the first time in months = bad idea. I did this yesterday around noon, and have been feeling ill since. Bleh.
  • BBC Analysis on why the climate talks failed
  • Wondering how hard it would be to make a software component that would act as a reliable anti-HTTP proxy mechanism while not acting as a transparent proxy - presumably all it would take, given DPI, would be to match the requested domainname with the IP address of the contacted webserver and start dropping packets once a non-match is found, perhaps blacklisting the targeted site if enough requests go through... this would of course do nothing against ssh-tunneling, IP-over-DNS, and other trickiness.
  • Re title - thinking more about intelligence in the abstract - reducing broad and complex situations to analyses - simplify things not solvable to a satisfactory answer. If we stare at a game that's not solvable through the bag of tricks we combine to solve all problems, eventually we'll presumably pick up the solution, but that's not what our intelligence evolved for - our ability to solve it is almost accidental, but if we do presumably we try to add new primitives to our bag of tricks..
  • Rubik's cube end-game like chess end-game?
  • Ayatollah Montazeri (Iran) has died. He narrowly missed being the successor to the first Supreme Leader of Iran, and while the term doesn't well fit him, of the high religious scholars he might be considered much more liberal than the regime ended up being after him. A strong supporter of women's rights (in a highly nuanced sense, but generally) and humans rights in general, he spoke for openness and accountability in government loudly enough that he lived the last years of his live under house arrest. By the standards of what's available in their system, he and Khatami are good guys, and Iran lost a good cultural figure who was an untouchable-but-repressed symbol of reform.
  • New CS servers: seem to have moved from "pine" to its open-source descendant Alpine. Hooray! Although... if I could figure out how to get vim to do tab completion and keyword matching against an address book as well as LDAP searches, I'd happily move to using my own email client on there instead. There are days where I think about switching back to Emacs - it's so much easier to script this kind of stuff there
  • Apparently we now begin the long uphill battle to get our sun back.
  • Finally, despite a pretty bad headache, submitted the giant patch at work. Now if they accept it and I want to get everything done by deadlines, I have to whip a bit of mostly-written code I left sitting for several months into workable state by end-of-year. It may yet happen. Things get even lonlier for me this time of the year with even the acquaintences gone and shops closed, which in theory means slightly more work productivity.
  • Sandwich experiments: my normal love for flavourful mustard does not work well in the sandwich - it drowns out the pesto entirely. Experiments with more subtle mustards will commence (I wish I could head back to that wonderful mustard store near the Louvre in Paris for a few minutes..)


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