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Ir al ...

There is an inner child that is amazed that in theory I could arrange to be in Miquelon, Paris, Halifax, Longyearbyen, or any number of other interesting places for a week in a few weeks without many problems, that I could go there, probably even do the same stuff I do for work in a normal week, and wander around a lot, hang out in new coffeeshops, etc. With sufficiently cheap hotels, it could even be very affordable.

That same inner child is also amazed that I don't do that.

Travelling without a close friend or SO really sucks though.


I've done quite a bit of solo travelling in the last couple of years -- hiking in the UK, touring Sri Lanka and Japan, and odd days here and there on business travel. It's a lot more fun than I expected, and if it starts to feel a little lonely, staying at a hostel is a great way to make new friends.