Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Joys of Winter

Winter is generally a miserable part of the year - the sun doesn't exist, the cold is painful to joints (I'm not even old yet!), the air is very dry and heaters make it worse, it's even lonlier, and I live in a very drafty apartment (where ill-fitting doors and misdesigned windows require me to plug them with small and large objects to lessen warm-stealing leaks). Yesterday was my first faceplant due to slippery sidewalks, and today our campus building lacks drinking water due to a leak. That said, there are a few upsides.

  • Warming clothes for half an hour on the heater makes them delightful for at least a few minutes
  • Cross-country skiiers in the residential parts of SqHill
  • The rare exhibitionists who wear lycra bodysuits to Giant Eagle. Kinky! (even if the bodysuits are more the winter-racing kind). I generally see at least one of this per winter, on a pleasantly attractive person.
  • The hope of impromptu sledding and possibly going snowboarding (not sure if it will happen, but the hope is nice)
  • Warm soup goes from being good to surreally awesome
  • Snow can be pretty
  • Sinuses finally settle down
  • Some people make pretty awesome snowmen

I would happily trade winter for more of the other seasons, but it's not all bad


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