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Hokum Pocus

Finally I have learned the name for a nice, schmaltzy genre of music that I've enjoyed since I was fairly young. Two songs kind of caught my young ear - Weird Al's 「This is the Life」, and TMBG's 「Rhythm Section Want Ad」 (actually, both of these might be more in close orbit around the genre than properly inside it). Now that I know the genre is named "Hokum", I'm able to find the centre of the genre, and it is glorious. This is not quite as good when I discovered the words 「Klezmer」 or 「Flamenco」 (both of which were just had for the asking when I asked my father "what genre of music is it you're listening to?" - for being an immoral contrarian schmuck, he at least played in a lot of the same mental worlds I live in, with similarly eclectic tastes), but it is good stuff. I am tempted to say that one of the masterpieces of videogame music, the 「Mystic Cave」 theme from 「Sonic the Hedgehog 2」, probably is also in reasonably close orbit around Hokum.

My cats will probably be amused to see me slightly less mopy and depressed for a bit, as unlike Klezmer and Flamenco (or closer cousin, Ragtime, on which I was raised almost as much as classical music), Hokum practically demands that one dance, and that that dancing be extremely silly.

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