Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Gentoo versus BSD

I find it interesting that someone else's BLOG post, a longtime BSDer playing with Gentoo for awhile, suggesting that Gentoo doesn't belong on servers has led to a bit of a collision between the Gentoo and FreeBSD communities. In the software world, it's rare that we find two crowds more different among people with a fair amount of technical knowledge. My understanding is that Gentoo folk are generally youth with a good amount of knowledge but very little temperment that age and judgement tends to bring. BSDers tend to be more of the old-school types who mix somewhat deeper technical knowledge with the type of judgement that only time usually teaches. I've only rarely come across heavy pushers of Gentoo over the age of 25, while I've only rarely come across BSD people under the age of 30 (those few generally spent time under a much more seasoned admin type). The bleeding-edge versus conservative approach to programming and systems gives an interesting contrast.

Personally, I'm not in either camp - I'm much more friendly to BSD than Gentoo, although I'm willing to give up a bit of the conservativism for better hardware support and some other OS features. Having been mostly with Redhat/Fedora since RH5, I've been pretty happy with how things have worked out on the servers and desktops I've had/managed/coached over the years. I'd be happy to admin a BSD box again though if the situation came up, and in some circumstances I would probably prefer OpenBSD to Fedora on a server (when there's only one processor, no weird hardware, and security is pretty important). I think I'd still be comfortable adminning Solaris or a few other commercial Unices if it came up too...

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