Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sin der Klaus

  • The Khan Academy is an organisation that puts high quality basic science education videos on Youtube. This is an interview with the founder.
  • Daniel Pink's talk at Google on human motivation is very interesting - it ties to gift economies, how employment works, and creativity
  • Disappointed that Wikileaks may have puttered out for lack of funding. It's not a big surprise to see it die this way - like many "internet culture" entities, its weakness is funding, primarily I think not in HR costs, but more bandwidth and server space. It would be interesting to see what kinds of things would flourish if disk space and cycles were free and IP regulation were gone. Addressing the former, could something like the NEA inexpensively provide that kind of thing (assuming politics were no barrier and everyone agreed it to be a good thing to do)? Could it be done without adverts, using something akin to the "student activity fee" that universities have to encourage student organisations to form? I pay a certain amount of money every month for my server (, using it as a place to get my mail, run my website, host my blog, and occasionally do projects. If I had the bandwidth and speed to do more, would I? Maybe. It would certainly be nice if things that are much more worthy, like Wikileaks, didn't have to spend money on things like hosting and costs of that kind of thing were just absorbed by society at large. Although.. perhaps Wikileaks is distinct in that it needs to be uniquely isolated from the laws of the countries where it's socially active. Any whistleblower site that has the ability to embarass governments and very powerful people (as Wikileaks has) might be better placed elsewhere, or otherwise effectively hard-to-reach by law enforcement. It's probably as big of a target as the remailer was (which I occasionally used, way back when).

In theory, making myself try to be social today was a victory, but it was most unsatisfying and a failure. Sigh. I don't know what to do.


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