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Bleeding Wallets

I have one of those low-grade migraines today, which feels like my eyes are gently being squeezed and my brain feels a bit dry and slightly poundy (maybe there's some wooziness/dizziness too), but with little actual pain except a few seconds after standing up or sitting down. As always, this has temporarily cleared my depression and put me in a relatively good mood with a little bit of hope for the future. Yay.

Spending large amounts of money on computer geek things not long before I have hand-wavy plans to move: stupid. I am still a computer geek though. Details:

  • Ordered: 250G SSD HD - Went with a disk from OCZ because they have a good reputation. Every so often recently I've played with a computer with an SSD, and the "omg no HD seek time" thing has kind of grown on me. At the same time, I don't want to move to a smaller drive (I have about 70G free on my current 250G disk), so I get to pay a lot for a high-capacity disk. I hope configuring Linux to treat the disk appropriately won't be too hard (and I actually look forward to geeking out over how Postgres and DB/2 should be configured on such a drive)
  • Also ordered: USB enclosure for my existing laptop HD (which I'll swap out). Maybe I'll keep the movies on that and try to keep the SSD emptier (which I understand is important for performance).
  • Wacom has announced its revamped 21" Cintiq, with the higher resolution (and related +fidelity enchantments) they first released with the Intuos4 (minus multitouch, which nobody who buys a cintiq likely cares about anyhow). Unfortunately, they released it with THE SAME DAMNED NAME as their older 21UX, meaning people who want the new Cintiq will have to be very careful not to order the old one unless they buy it directly from Wacom, and the forums will be very confusing. WHY DO HARDWARE VENDORS DO THIS? Back before I stopped buying Linksys routers, I was frustrated that Linksys had several hardware revisions of most devices I bought, they had "versions" that could be any of a few actual hardware revisions (WRT54GV2 was not actually a specific piece of hardware!) and on the rare occasion you could figure out what version (never mind what actual hardware revision) was in the box, you'd have to spend a good 10 minutes looking for it. In an ideal world, vendors would have their products have numbers that uniquely identify a bit of hardware and always change them when that changes, even if it's just because some manufacturer in China stopped making a chipset and they had to change it. ... But then I remember how many versions of Quadras and Performas there were (and how people complained at Apple about that, back in the day (I don't understand why people ragged on Performas so much - they were pretty nice)). I might hold off on buying this for awhile.