Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

SSD Plans

Likely uninteresting to anyone but major geeks who have been lax about learning about SSDs:

After a bit of research, I believe that ext4 supports the TRIM command, and that the alternatives (btrfs, zfs) are not reasonable alternatives, so I'll be installing on that.

Fedora 13 is going to be released soonish, but I don't really want to wait. I'll probably hop onto the Fedora Rawhide (a rolling version that always has alpha-level versions of all components) wagon until I can easily move onto a proper release. I wouldn't do this otherwise, but there are hardware-relevant (not just the SSD) changes that were made between Fedora12 and Fedora13 that I don't want to lose out on.

I will want to disable atime updates for files and directories to limit the number of small writes. I've recieved advice from people I reasonably respect suggesting I disable journaling, but I intend to ignore that - I believe I'd be losing out on data integrity if I did that. There are also some interesting tweaks for Postgres that I should do - I am still researching this.

I will likely move significant parts of my "media" volume off the disk, devoting my existing HD (in its new enclosure) for storage of that. I guess I don't need to always have Willy Wonka or Serial Experiments: Lain at my fingertips...

Hopefully the OCZ Agility series will prove to be reasonably decent.

Dinner, possible teahousitude, and then this geekery.... I guess it's at least a little different than my normal evening. The cats will probably be happy with even more time spent at home. :P

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