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SSD and F13

More unix/computer geekery - the results of the upgrade:

When I first started using computers, they didn't have hard drives, and so I learned the "wait profile" for floppy drives. There's a certain "pulse" to computers - most of the time when they fail and sometimes when they're doing something else, they change on one of the beats of that drum, and if they skip a beat, they often do something different. One can often tell when something's about to fail if one's learned this bit and knows how the song is supposed to go. When hard drives came along, I learned a different beat (I was still a little one when this changeover happened and we stopped using floppies for everything). SSDs, so far, seem to have yet another beat, and I seem to have lost a bit of precognition on my laptop.

I guess, having an OLPC, I technically should've been getting used to it then, but the OLPC is so doggedly slow and has such a weird interface that, like my ancient eMate300, I never learned its ins and outs.

Anyhow, the hardware upgrade went pretty smoothly - I've disassembled most systems I've had on my own, but HP provided a nice guide for HD replacement that I decided to follow for the lols. It's odd that they're such utter bastards for requiring a proprietary data cable to hook HDs in and a proprietary mounting bracket, and they still provide very nice guides for how to do it if you buy their horribly-priced adapters.

Unfortunately, the timing of the upgrade means I'm "testing" a version of Fedora that hasn't even hit alpha yet - I'm going to snarkily say it has Gentoo quality - QA has not looked at it yet, and it really shows. I think Fedora13 is set for its Alpha release in a week or so - several of the packages don't fit well together right now (some things segfault, I get a soft trap while I'm shutting down the system, and some of the alpha feature milestones are not met yet (not surprising...). Fedora's Alphas tend to be pretty good (even if a bit bumpy), so I imagine there will be a flurry of new package versions right before Alpha goes out that will fix most of the problems. The updates to the nouveau video driver work really well though, and the minorly off video/sound sync I saw before seems to be gone. The laptop LCD brightness controls don't seem to be working right, so my screen is a bit dark and not fixable. Lesson of the day is that stay away from software that hasn't even hit Alpha yet unless you have a really good reason.

Naturally, being less than 24 hours into a fresh system, I have a few weeks of settling into and tweaking to do..

Many years ago my mum gave me some nice (expensive) drawing things, which like many non-clothes things I promptly packed into a box and forgot about. I recently found some while cleaning my apartment; it's kind of goofy to discover things that've become useful in ones own long-term storage.

It turns out imagining (and sketching) younger versions of someone is very difficult - making it recognisably them but also recognisably younger is an exercise in brinksmanship and imagination.

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