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Remembered quip: Sysadmins are like bats - both are nocturnal creatures awake late in the night doing things you don't understand, often going "Eep eep eep!" .

Today: Felt too bummed to get out of bed until around 5pm, then grabbed some tasty syrian food from Taza21, then spent many hours at Kiva Channukah doing sketches for the webcomic-that-may-never-be (I may upload these). Left, and while waiting for the bus a fellow waiter was busting out rap to his iPod.. surprisingly, he wasn't bad and it straddled the line between irritating and cool. While starting laundry, I did a 25 minute video for youtube discussing some basic philosophy, thinking I might possibly make it a regular thing. Alas, youtube's option to switch into "Director mode" to allow for longer uploads no longer is offered (more precisely, it doesn't allow longer uploads anymore, although accounts that were already in that mode can still do big uploads). Oh well, so much for that idea. I'm not sure what to do with my 25 minute would-be upload. Google_irritation++

Mundane details and other mundanities:I managed to rescue all my wiki creative works thanks to brute force "grep the raw disk" methods. By the time it was done, I had already managed to fill much of it back in from memory, and now I have the task of merging the best of both versions. In some ways the new version was better - I filled in the details a bit differently. Sometimes destruction is the best inspiration for creativity.

Sketching reflections: I can't really manage drawing people's rumps. Getting the domensionality right for that part of the body is tricky (maybe partly because I haven't really ever paid much attention to the region?). Shoes are still pretty hit-or-miss, and with faces I can capture expression reasonably well (albeit maybe not very realistically) but I don't yet seem to have a way of making intended identities of people distinct. When I start to draw a face, it's not really a specific face, and it's like a 「random person generator」 was asked for its output. I also seem to do very badly with faces unless I start with the part of the eye socket on the outer outline of the skull- something about that spot is great for defining both the inner and outer features of the head, but it's hard to drop it down relative to an already established inner or outer feature. Anyhow, perhaps I'll eventually get to the point where people can recognise the bases for the people I sketch that are based on real people. Or perhaps not.

Incredibly irritated at how broken this pre-alpha fedora is - occasional full system hangs, soft kernel traps during every shutdown, broken apps. Also, broken dependencies. Sigh. To be expected, really.

Irritating to see people on OkC and think "wow, they'd be utterly perfect for me", but see they're in another city. I guess it's a close cousin to seeing someone IRL and learning enough to think that but have things utterly fail to work out. It's bizarre that this latest "dead centre everything looks perfect" one is in ColumbusOhio - I wonder if I had stuck around there if I might actually have tried to date her and if things might've worked out. I imagine a lot've things would've ended up differently had I stayed though. Still, this really seems like it would have been an exceptional match. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on limited information. Who knows? I wonder if the people I knew in Columbus might even know her.

On that note, the more I hear about the tangled love relations in CMU, I wonder how much this Tom Lehrer song might be relevant. I sometimes (well, often) think it'd be interesting to date a Unix geek girl, although I should probably be reluctant to add that to the already monsterously long list of things I want in a date. :P

Oh, and for those who agree that Fiona Apple's 「Paper Bag」 is the most amazingly awesome music video, there's a cleaner upload of it than I've seen before.

I'm not much for TV, but the British show Psychoville looks fantastic. Kind of like 「the IT Crowd」, 「A Bit of Fry and Lawrie」, 「Mitchell and Webb Look」, 「Armstrong and Miller」, etc etc. Maybe if I lived in the UK I would actually watch TV. I guess we have MST3k and the Daily Show from the States.


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