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Scannt Resources

Sketches with a plot, extended:


Are you going to ink/colour these plot!sketches?
I'm not sure yet. In the past, I've sometimes used sketches as a basis for reworking, and I wasn't shy about moving elements around, correcting and removing things, and adding new thing, in GIMP (cousin to Photoshop). I might do that with these, although given how unhappy I am at how the main character doesn't really have a consistent look, I might want to redo them once I've managed to get that kind of thing down.
I'm familiar with GIMP.

Perhaps draw on a fresh sheet of paper exactly how you want the main character to look, using what you have so far as a model? I'm not sure.
The main character is physically based off of a former acquantance, or at least she's supposed to be. The resemblance ends up only being slight unless I open a picture of her for reference (and even then it's not that striking). It's mainly my lack of skill that's the barrier here.

I suppose if I had known her better and/or had more photos to go on, it might help, but it'd be kinda goofy to email her asking for that at this point.

Edited at 2010-03-09 01:56 pm (UTC)
Can't fix your lack of skill by any method except brute practice until you just become more skilled, with Time in the x axis, I'm afraid. (I'm imagining a Time vs. Skill graph right now. Probably an x^3 graph, only accepting quadrant I [x and y positive] as valid answers for the dachte's Skill Graph xD)