Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Provoking Alien Nation

Alienation: One kind - religious shifting of all that is good in human nature to deities, nature, the heavens.

Alienation: Another kind - political shifting of all that is bad in human nature to the state. (a wrong at its strongest in my fellow socialists, but also now with crazy tea party folk)

Steering people away from both kinds of alienation - towards a recognition that all that we might consider good and bad are part of our nature as humans, a task mirrored into getting people to stop thinking of parts of themselves as external to their identity (people who talk of "my addiction" as distinct from who they "really are") - this should lead us to better conversations about ourselves as people and as society (even as really having value-relativism hit home with people is required to do this adequately). Belief: We should look forward to those "best conversations" made possible by clearing all this out of our heads. Being able to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask "who am I?", understanding which of our problems are self-inflicted or inherent in the state of things, all hopefully in the context of still having the will/energy to fix the things that are fixable..

Tags: philosophy

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