Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Putting the Duck in Induction

Technological advances that I realised recently make my life better:

  • Modern Optical Mice - Having replaced a few ballmice recently reminded me how every half-year or so I ended up either pulling apart my mice with a screwdriver or throwing it out and getting a new one. This in turn reminds me of old sun optical mice with their wacky grid mousepad. We've come a long way with mouse technology.
  • Subversion - It's a lot better than CVS.
It's been about a month since I left Wikipedia. I still visit the site every so often for random bits of information, and it's both relieving that I no longer feel any responsibility to keep the project together and on-task and a little weird not fixing the inaccuracies and bad grammar in the articles I happen upon. I'd rather avoid contributing even to that degree though given that I'm hoping something both better and explicitly educational/noncommercial comes along. It's also frustrating that people mistook a means (open discussion of governance) for another means that was not intended (democracy) and made that into an end. Not being involved at all makes it easy not to care about fighting that fight and the fight over ethics. The latter may not be winnable anyhow given people like Erik on the board and the incestuous ties between many people in/working for the Foundation.

I generally like having people come over to my apartment, both for the joy of having company itself and the motivation it gives me. I have a tough time feeling motivated to keep it very clean for myself (or really do much of anything for my own comfort, from cooking to getting nice furniture), and visitors help a lot.


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