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Day two of conference:

  • Woke up later than I intended, rapid shower, more rapid dash downstairs to catch the very tail end of an unhealthy breakfast before things got rolling
  • Intro, some presentations, a pretty nice lunch, a not-so-interesting talk, and then cluster meetings (not as useful as yesterday's, but still worthwhile).
  • Had a sudden spell of dizziness, feeling of heat in my eyes, and nosebleed, so I skipped some meetings and went back to my hotel room until things calmed down a bit.
  • Made it back in time to make dinner arrangements with some of the people I get along with, we went out for Indian food at Dales, where I had a bit of surprise - one of the waiters from India Garden (in Pittsburgh) who I haven't seen for awhile was a waiter here (he said he moved to Durham 2 years ago). He remembered my chopsticks and food preferences, making this almost a situation where I could order "my usual" at a restaurant I'd never been to before. As it so happened, we shared food instead - the Aloo Gobi was okay, the Paneer Makhni was quite good, Samosa were good.
  • After a pleasant dinner with good conversation, we went to a bookstore, where I bought another Slavoj Žižek book. One of the people I was with had spent some time at CMU in the 90s and some time here a few years back, so this was a trip down memory lane for him.
  • Back to hotel, I'm still sore and tired, although I might head down for tea (and to see if they can rustle up some Vanilla Ice Cream) in a bit.
  • Not yet sure if I'm going to do conference things tomorrow - time is limited because I need to get to the airport for a 15:30 flight (and I prefer to play it *very* safe at airports given all my gizmos)

Other stuff:I'm already dreading returning back home - here I have meaningful human contact, while there there's just this big emptiness waiting for me. Terrified to step back into that... sigh.

There's some kind of a convention for pharma reps happening at the same time - the first night I was here, I was trying to get some tea at the bar in the evening and ended up saying hello and briefly talking with some of them. As I walked away, I heard them talking about whether I was flirting with one of the people or if she was flirting with me. Oh goodness. No, when I flirt with people, I generally invite them out to tea or indian food, and they generally either never figure out that I'm interested in them during that time or they don't even agree to that, and after a few repeated invites I give up - that's kind of how flirting works. Oh well.

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The hotel has shampoo that smells a lot like orange soda. Good stuff!

Recently have spent considerable amounts of time learning to sing 151. I guess Japanese singers really love mashing syllables together.


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