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Another friday, another lonely people-watching TGIF. In this, it was interesting to see how people's holding of food and drinks changed their body language - I think people feel safest in conversation when they have something to hold, and their body language looks more confident when they do and often nervous when not. Some people held onto empty bottles of beer or water rather than stand awkwardly with empty hands. This leads people to eat a lot more than they'd like at these kinds of events - urge to hold something causes hands to grab food, and then secondary urge "you have food/drink, consume!".

There are more, fuzzier observations about pecking orders, body language, and how people talk to each other too...

I tend to view people (including myself) as specimens, and through long practice have come to prefer deep introspection over gut feeling, and prefer self-skeptical analysis tied to what I think I see other people (as animals, as creatures forged by things explained in ev.psych) do.

Or maybe I'm just the awkward dude who's always stands around alone in large social gatherings. Haha. At the conference, I was probably as close as I've been in years to who I used to be. Was weird to see that again.

Have since withdrawn to Kiva Channukah until I'm hungry enough for some kind of dinner.